Missing/ wrong parts

So you’re pump has arrived, you’ve unpacked it - and discovered there are missing parts! This is super frustrating, especially if you need to start expressing urgently. If this is the situation you are in, please be reassured that it’s actually really really rare for parts to be missing. It’s more likely to be one of the situations below.

Note - You will find up to date parts lists in this knowledge base, for your reference.

Before we decide you definitely don’t have the part and are going to have to wait for a replacement, please check through the following:

Has the part been overlooked or caught up in packaging?

This is quite common, especially with the tiny little parts, and especially with parts you weren’t expecting! The most common part that this happens to is the Australian 3-pronged plug that connects to the rest of the power cable to make it compatible with Australian outlets:

It’s easy to miss the 3 pronged Australian prong part which must be attached to the rest of the power cable

We do get people complaining that the power cable they received isn’t an Australian compatible power cable, and it’s just that they’ve missed this little part that you need to slide into the rest of the power cable. If this is you, please check  your packaging / the bin - you should find it!

You may not be recognising the part

This is also very common - whether you’ve used another breast pump before or whether this your first time, there may be a whole lot of new parts to learn and this can be confusing! You may be identifying the a part wrongly, or not realising that it’s definitely there, but is already assembled with another part and therefore easy to miss. For example, the term ‘membrane’ is actually used for a couple of different parts in ‘breast pump jargon’, so it can be confusing. Check over your parts, match them up to the parts list in your manual and just make sure it’s not actually in there somewhere hiding.

The part may have been upgraded or changed and the manual not updated

Frustrating I know, but very often pump parts and accessories are changed or updated and the actual manual hasn’t been updated to reflect this. For example, a T-bar adaptor used to be required to double pump the S1/S2 pumps, but the pumps have now been modified so that this part isn’t needed. We can let you know if this is the case, and apologies!

If you’ve checked everything, and you just do not have the part..

Oh no! We’ll send the part to right away, just let customer service know by by submitting a ticket or emailing us at support [at] spectra-baby.com.au. We’ll get you up and pumping ASAP and we are so sorry for the disappointment!

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