International Warranty Claim

When an international warranty claim is made, the unit must be sent to us at the customers cost so that we can inspect the unit to determine the fault with the pump.

This will mean that there is a period of time that you will be without a pump so be sure to contact us first so that we can ensure that there is a fault prior to having you ship it back to us.

 1. Contact us and we will try and resolve the issue. If it cannot be resolved continue with the following steps

2. You place a warranty claim

3. We confirm receipt of the warranty and provide address details so you can post your pump back to us

4. Package up your pump and the power cord securely (you keep your shields and tubes etc) and post the package

5. Forward us the tracking number and estimated delivery times

6. We receive and review pump

7a. If pump cannot be fixed - we send you a replacement pump at our cost

7b. If pump can be fixed - we fix, test again and return your pump to you at our cost

8. We send you shipping details for your information

9. You receive the pump and start happily pumping again


Please contact us if you are an international customer and you have concerns about your pump

Did you purchase your pump elsewhere?

Spectra Baby Australia can only service pumps purchased from us, or one of our registered authorised wholesalers. We are however not the only distributor of Spectra breast pumps worldwide. There are other distributors globally (e.g. Spectra Baby USA), and we cannot service pumps purchased from other distributors. 

Please note that we only service pumps purchased through Spectra Baby Australia. If you made your purchase through another distributor (like Spectra Baby USA) you will need to arrange a warranty claim through them.  


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