Assembling the Spectra Dew 350

Understanding how to assemble and use your breast pump when it first arrives can be confusing, especially when may also be feeling sleep deprived and have to juggle expressing with your baby. We hope this guide will make things a little easier for you. Remember, we’re always here to help – just email

Remember to sterilise all parts (except the motor, tubing, connectors, and filters) before first use.

Let’s take a look at the parts that come with your pump:


Note: Valves

Your Spectra breast pump will have shipped with either white silicone duck valves, as shown above, or the blue valve head & membrane as shown below. Both valve styles are interchangeable, and available to purchase on our website.

Step 1 – Assemble valve to breast shield

The silicon membrane and valve are already assembled on the breast shield when the pump arrives – if you didn’t notice how they fit together, then take a look at the images below (properly assembled valve on LEFT).



When replacing the silicon membrane on the blue valve, make sure that it’s placed as shown on the left of the image. If any of the holes in the plug are left uncovered, then the pump will have very low suction. We know the silicon membrane seems small, but it’s important!

The back of your valve membrane will have a little white tab. The illustration below shows which hole in the blue valve that the white tab needs to be inserted into.



Then just fit the valve to the underside of the breastshield. You can now attach the bottle to the breast shield (use the wide neck adaptor if using Avent bottles).


Step 2 – Assemble tubing

Note on short tubing: The DEW 350 ships with the connector inserted into the long tubing, which puts the backflow filters all the way down by the pump motor. You can insert the connector into
the short tubing if you have a strong letdown or you’re concerned about moisture in the tubing. This puts the backflow filters up by your breastshield, protecting the long tubing. You may wish to do this because the short tubing can be cleaned.


Attach the end of the long tubing with white fitted piece to the breast shield. The other end of the tubing has a blunt end, and this will attach to the backflow filter. The short piece of tubing will attach from backflow filter to the pump.


Step 3 – Ready to go


You’re now ready to start pumping. Start the suction low, and then adjust to your comfort level. Just add another breast shield & tubing to double pump. It’s normal for suction to reduce when double pumping, just turn the suction up to compensate. When single pumping, ensure the cap is fitted over the second nozzle.

If you need more help, reach out to our Customer Support team, or download our Dew 350 user manual (updated for 2018!)


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