Replacing Spare Parts

Some parts of the pump require replacing on a semi-regular basis to maintain your pump in peak condition.

Your cleaning technique may also impact how often parts need replacing. Those who sterilise after every use will need to replace more often than someone who washes with warm soapy water.

The more often you use your pump, whether that be times a day or minutes per session, the more regularly you should replace certain parts.

If you have purchased a second hand pump, a full shield set should be purchased before you begin using the pump.


Which parts need replacing?
Regardless of which Spectra pump you use, the following parts require replacement

Valve - the valve should last at least 3 months. If you are an exclusive expresser or express 6 or more times a day, we recommend replacing every 2 months

Backflow protector - Round 3 piece one - should last at least 4 months. If the white membrane is sterilised it may stretch or become mis-shapen. This may not be visually noticeable, but it may stick to the backflow protector and/or reduce the suction of the pump.

Backflow protector - Single piece for the Dew350 - should last at least 3 months. Replace if any moisture touches the protector or if the pink lines become blurred

Tubing - does not require replacing

Shield - does not require replacing


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