How to choose the right breast pump

Choosing the right breast pump can be confusing, and it’s important to get it right. Here’s a guide on what to consider when you’re choosing a breast pump.


  • Why do you need a breast pump? Is it because of a supply or attachment issue, because you’re going back to work, or just so you can take a break.
  • Frequency – how often will you need to pump? Some pumps are more heavy duty than others and designed for heavier use.
  • Portability – do you need features like a rechargeable battery so you can pump on the go, or will you be mainly pumping in one place.
  • Cost – how much are you willing to pay?
  • Your personal situation  – how long have you been pumping and how old is your baby, as this can affect how you respond to a breast pump.

Once you have a good idea about what you need from your breast pump, then you can decide which features you need and work out which pump is best for you.


See a comparison here.

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